How does RPL work:

Individuals who demonstrate expertise, understanding, and experience in a specific field of work may receive all or parts of a nationally recognised certification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

RPL ADVISOR can turn your expertise, talents, knowledge, or overseas credentials into a nationally recognised Australian certification through a comprehensive partner network of Registered Training Organisation’s (RTOs). The RPL evaluation process can often be done with established proof of your skills and does not necessitate further review.

Do you have any expertise, knowledge, or experience that you have acquired during your career? If you do, you may be suitable for a qualification. You may have spent so much time in the industry that your functional skills are superior to those of a recent TAFE graduate.

Have you already obtained a certification from another country only to discover that it is not recognised in Australia?

RPL ADVISOR recognises the need to convert an overseas qualification into an Australian national qualification, and we offer a variety of fast and simple RPL distance training programs through our partner RTOs to meet any relevant requirements for Australia.

How can RPL (Recognition of Prior Learning) benefits you?

Working with RPL ADVISOR to get your skills recognised through RPL can have a variety of career and lifestyle benefits. Using RPL ADVISOR to obtain a nationally recognised certification can have several advantages, including:

  1. You can save both time and money
  2. Improved career opportunities
  3. Refraining from repeating previous training
  4. Ongoing education and training
  5. Assist with visa and immigration requirements
  6. There will be no time off from work
  7. Complying with industry and licensing standards
  8. Credit deductions for higher education


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