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RPL is a process that evaluates your competency—acquired by structured and informal learning—to decide whether you meet the criteria for a unit of research. That is, if you have the necessary experience, you should apply for a certificate or diploma.

Individuals who demonstrate expertise, understanding, and experience in a specific field of work may receive all or parts of a nationally recognized certification through Recognition of Prior Learning (RPL).

RPL ADVISOR can turn your expertise, talents, knowledge, or overseas credentials into a nationally recognized Australian certification through a comprehensive partner network of Registered Training Organizations (RTOs). The RPL evaluation process can often be done with an established proof of your skills and employment reference letters.

Step 1: Evaluation- RPL ADVISOR Assesses you

Step 2: Your Experience- RTO assesses your work experience

Step 3: Review the evidence – RTO reviews the supporting documents and guides you

Step 4: Interview- RTO may take interview if you meet the criteria

Step 5: Your Certificate- Your desired qualification will be awarded

Your skills would be compared to industry standards. This is carried out by one of our RPL ADVISOR consultants who are having extensive experience. You may be asked to do the following:

1.Explain how you perform those skills

2.Provide evidence of your work

A visit to your office can be arranged so that you may demonstrate your skills. You will be required to provide us with job descriptions, references, or performance evaluations. Your skills and experience will be evaluated by the RTO assessor.

1. Resume
2. Workplace Experience/Letter of Recommendation
3. Educational Credentials Related to the Occupation (if any)
4. Work Agreements (current and previous), Salary Slips/Pay slips, and Work Roster
5. Photographs and videos of you at work
6. Personal IDs

All RTOs in Australia use the same Training Packages, ensuring that qualifications are recognized across the country and meet the same competency criteria. As a result, if you ever move to any state or territory, your issued credentials will be recognized.

The Units of Competency (industry standards) that must be met for an individual to be declared competent and receive a Qualification are listed in Training Packages.

Training Packages are nationally endorsed and integrated sets of Competency Standards, Assessment Guidelines and AQF Qualifications for a specific industry, industry sector or enterprise. A Training Package specifies the skills and knowledge required to perform effectively at the workplace.

RPL ADVISOR have 20 industries and having 100s of different qualifications provided by our partner RTOs. Please contact us for the available qualifications with prices. We have listed information about the courses on our website for your convenience.

As soon as the RPL Assessment has been completed, the application will be lodged with a relevant RTO for processing. The time for having the Qualification issued by an RTO is generally 2 – 4 weeks.

Working with RPL ADVISOR to get your skills recognized through RPL can have a variety of career and lifestyle benefits. Using RPL ADVISOR to obtain a nationally recognized certification can have several advantages, including:

1. You can save both time and money
2. Improved career opportunities
3. Refraining from repeating previous training
4. Ongoing education and training
5. Assist with visa and immigration requirements
6. There will be no time off from work
7. Complying with industry and licensing standards
8. Credit deductions for higher education

You may demonstrate that you can be counted on to fulfil the business’s requirements and expectations by having your industry experience confirmed with a Nationally Recognized Qualification. Managers are more confident in people with industry expertise; thus, your prospects of progress and promotion will skyrocket.

This is where you can get credit for any current Australian qualifications you have earned. Qualifications obtained via past studies serve as crucial evidence to back up your application. When an RTO issues a qualification, it will send an Academic Transcript that includes a complete record of all Units of Competency that were successfully completed.

Assessors will go over the Units and apply “credit transfers” where possible. You will be judged competent immediately if you have already completed units that are included in the Qualification you are seeking via RPL. Keep in mind that they must match. Then all you need to do is to finish the remaining units if needed.

Many skills in the field are recognized around the world. The proof can be used as RPL evidence if it can be validated as legitimate and reliable. To be qualified for RPL, you must demonstrate that you have applicable experience in these fields. Some qualifications have compliance and regulatory criteria that are specific to Australia. Evidence must be written in English or translated into English.

If you do not have your qualifications recognized by Australian Education International, you will not be able to complete the Direct Credit Transfer process (AEI). This is the Australian government agency that evaluates higher education, post-secondary, technical, and vocational qualifications from other countries.

If your overseas qualifications have not been assessed by AEI, the Assessor can take them into account, but you will need to submit a copy of your academic transcript detailing the courses you studied.

The assessor must be able to verify the subject material covered in the Overseas Qualification to evaluate its relevance and validity while assessing your evidence.

Competency demonstrates that a candidate has attained a level of skill, knowledge, and understanding that meets industry benchmarks. This would imply that they can complete everyday tasks and meet the obligations of a given function in the workplace adequately and successfully.

RPL ADVISOR understands the difficulties RPL candidates face in providing documents that may be subject to confidentiality agreements with their current and past employment. Assessors from the RTO are required to look at specific work examples to determine competency.

All information and documentation provided as proof is kept fully confidential, according to the rules and conditions for RPL. It is solely utilized to finish the RPL assessment and for the RTO to examine the evidence and give the qualifications.

When applicants cannot present sufficient supporting documentation to verify Competency in all areas of the Qualification, they may be required to take “Gap Training.” If necessary, competency discussions can be held.

For a Nationally Recognized Qualification, RPL does not need any class-based study. It is a confirmation of your job experience, knowledge, and abilities acquired throughout the course of your career. You will still get a certification, but it will take a lot less time than completing a course and learning what you already know. Furthermore, you will save money as RPL is a fraction of the cost of studying.

You will not be needed to take time off work to attend courses, you will not be required to study courses that you are already familiar with, you will save money on course fees, and RPL may be completed in your own time and at your own speed if you use RPL to get a Qualification.

During the RPL process, you will be asked to supply personal information that will be used for contact and communications. This includes your name, address, phone number, and other personal information that will be used to verify that you are the person who is completing the Qualification.

You will be needed to provide 100 points of identification to determine your identity, which you may send to us over our secure online file-sharing system. This ID will also be sent to the RTO, who will store it safely in their records database. Without your permission, no personal information will ever be shared with a third party.

According to the Australian Government Office of the Australian Information Commissioner’s criteria and the Privacy Act 1988, RPL ADVISOR is committed to protecting and safeguarding the confidentiality and privacy of RPL Applicant information.

To ensure the confidentiality and privacy of all personal information submitted as part of the RPL process, RPL ADVISOR has recorded protocols that are incorporated into our daily operations.

The RTO that will grant your Nationally Recognized Qualification will enable you to fill out Enrolment and Declaration Forms.

These forms collect personal information from applicants for use in communications and correspondence.

Generally, this is not required. However, you may be requested.  

It is cheaper than studying a full course for a number of reasons. The main reason is that an RTO simply conducts assessment of your skills, review and take interview if needed and issue a certificate. RTO does not need hire trainer to take face to face or online classes as you would have already achieved these skills as your workplace.

1. Simply give us a call on +61 420 621 192 or
2. Email us on or

You can begin your journey to getting qualified after we have discussed your work history and aspirations in depth.


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